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As the days went by, my boss told me the new project he is planning to set up and his new ideas in the business as well as how to make the business grow since it was competitive. I was absent-minded to all his discussions and Whenever he is done talking about the step to take towards the development of his company, he goes on to tell me how lucky I am for him to accept me to work with him and how fortunate I am to get my first working experience with him. Without a doubt, i’d have a lot of experience particularly in using Microsoft excel and also increasing my typing speed. But, the truth is i’m already tired of this work and each day,i seek for a story to tell him so that he can make me quit but to no profit and it’s making me more discouraged. Each time I complain about my discomfort in the office he tries all means to make me comfortable. As prior specified, he is like an uncle to me, and he never took advantage of me. He regarded me like how a lady ought to be regarded. I think he finds it difficult to let me go because he trusts me with his finance or a few intangible qualities best known to him but I always put in my best in all I do.😊😊

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