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As time went on, his business began to expand more and he adjusted to this growth. He moved to a bigger office, and he started having a lot of contracts I was there through all these growth as his executive assistant and his first employee I practically did a lot of work and added to the success of his establishment. Part of my job description include running errands sometimes I use motor bikes, I also give and prepare reports, schedule appointment, cash cheques and prepare documents. I was happy I became busy and I found happiness in what I was doing not because it’s my passion but the fact I was busy and good at what I was doing. Towards the middle of the year, I no longer felt the vibe I use to feel when I just started the job not because I am not strong to continue but the fact that my passion does not lie in what I was doing started making me sad. I communicated with my mother and told her I do not like the job and I will want to stop she encouraged me to continue she said it’s hard getting a job and a bird at hand is worth two in the bush.

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