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Happiness is a choice and if I’m ever making a choice in this life, it is to be happy. There’s no substitution for the emotion happiness whatever robs you away of your happiness or peace of mind please, avoid it like plague.unhappiness leads to depression it takes away healthily minds. Most times, the word Happiness is underrated and a few individuals select riches over happiness. I’m not saying their choice is off-base besides, money is a necessity but it can’t supplant genuine happiness. When I was much more youthful, I enjoyed observing plants develop particularly beans they are so simple to develop from seed. I’m usually overwhelmed with fervor to observe it alter from seeds to plants with roots and stems. Usually, there’s this joy in me when it’s time to cook beans at home because it’s a time to choose out few beans for planting, I just throw them within the soil in a specific zone in my compound and after few days, the seeds start sprouting. It was so energizing to see how the seeds changed and though, planting isn’t my thing and I’m not into it as my mother but observing the seeds I planted alter daily, was an accomplishment to me and I was satisfied. You’re in charge of how you feel, you’re in charge of your HAPPINESS.

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