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I saw myself from a different point of view when I came across a book by Louise Hay THE POWER WITHIN YOU, which she wrote in the 90s (May her soul rest in peace) This book changed me for the better. The information written in this book helped me love myself more and taught me not to give away my power to others. I realized it’s okay being myself and I should always be positive. Louise Hay’s voice in her work is soothing. I felt, I was having a physical conversation with her. At a point perusing, I came across inspiring chapters in the book, I will write as she wrote in her book (The Power Within You).

Have you ever noticed people who feel great about themselves are alluring? They have qualities about them that’s just wonderful. They are cheerful about their lives, things come to them effectively and easily. Find out who you’re. If all you are doing is telling yourself that you are not great, then you stay stuck. You need your own loving support if you need to make changes. If we edit our speech by listening to what we say and not letting negative things come out of our mouths, at that point we will shape our thoughts. There’s tremendous power in our spoken words. The way we talk to ourselves inwardly is imperative because it becomes the basis of our spoken words. If we belittle ourselves, life will mean very little to us. If we adore and appreciate ourselves, then Life can be a wonderful, joyous gift.

Louise Hay also talked about ways to love yourself. The most important key is to stop criticizing yourself. Think for a moment about the words you use when scolding yourself some phrases people tell me are; stupid, bad boy, bad girl, useless, careless, dumb, ugly, worthless, sloppy, dirty, Et cetera. Are these the same words you use when describing yourself? There is a tremendous need to build self. To be whole, we must accept all of ourselves. So, let your heart open and make plenty of room in there for all the parts of yourself. The parts you are proud of and the parts that embarrass you. The parts you reject and the parts you love. They are all of you. You are beautiful. We all are. When your heart is full of love for yourself, then you have so much to share with others. Love is the most powerful healing. I open myself to love. I will love and be loved.

I cannot write all the chapters of this book that changed my view. It was a long journey of self-discovery. I resented myself so many times for being the way I am. I became isolated; I resented people; I felt their looks are better than mine, but at the end of reading this book, I felt better, more opened to love and be loved. To forgive and be forgiven.

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