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Start a self-care routine

Book a 1 on 1 date to begin your self-care practice

  • 45 min
  • 8 złotych polskich
  • PL

Service Description

Self-care is personal and it is different for everyone and no general principle applies to everyone, it is all about doing what works for you. This is the reason the program has been specially designed to give attention to people who are unable to figure out the self-care routine that works for them or how they should start practicing self-care. Your reason for booking 1 on 1 plan is to get the maximum attention from the program rather than the general tips about self-care that is shared on the interest for everyone to consume. Here, I work with you to plan your schedule as well as follow up on your self-care routine and you will certainly start to see positive changes as long as you are devoted in your routine. other benefits you gain in booking a session with me are: You know what works for you. You are able to understand your emotions and why you feel the way you do. You will be more productive in all areas of your life. You will be intentional with what you do with your time and who you allow in your space. You will be able to set boundaries and enforce people to respect your boundaries especially if you have difficulty saying "NO". The above are few gains listed, although there are many more to gain in this service. First 10 minutes is free and I make the space very comfortable and non-judgmental for you to talk. Why self-care? Self-care is a term used to describe the things you do for your physical, Emotional and mental well-being. As simple as it sounds many people still fail to practice self-care which has lead to poor performance in most areas of your life. Self-care is important because it helps you maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and transfer the good feelings to others. SEND A MAIL TO BOOK YOUR TIME AND SEE YOURSELF FLOURISH IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE AS YOU EMBARK ON THIS JOURNEY OF SELF-LOVE/CARE.

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  • Poland

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