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Another writing prompt you can pen down in your diary is to ask yourself how it feels like asking for support.

How do you feel about reaching out?

✍️Write it down. 

Recall a time when a family member or friend (s) supported you emotionally, Financially, physically. Recall the moment and write how you felt at that point.

Identifying yourself with a group or certain individuals can help combat your feelings of loneliness.

Connection is an antidote to loneliness!

If you have the feelings of loneliness, what can you do to get away the feelings of being lonely? Can you reach out for support? Can you reach out to groups online that suit your interest or a volunteer group (NGOs)? Write the answer you come up with.

Journaling helps you to have moments with yourself and you will answer questions without holding nothing back. Journaling gives you the power to be yourself in a safe space.

As you journal, create your affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements you say to yourself to help you overcome negative thoughts.

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