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Journaling is a powerful way to combat your feelings of loneliness. Journaling your feelings helps you to identify why you feel the way you do. It also helps you to manage your feelings of loneliness and seek the support you need to overcome loneliness.

Before journaling your thoughts and feelings: find a space that makes you feel safe and calm.

This could be your bedroom, your yoga mat, a cool spot under a tree, or a quiet space in the park. When you are in your calm space, make sure you have the things you need for the next twenty minutes. 

Grab a snack,

a cup of water, coffee or tea (Depends on which you feel like having  around to chomp as you journal) the most important thing is to get comfortable!

The second step before you journal is to take a few deep, slow breaths in and out (Perhaps 8-10 times)

Focus on how your body feels at that moment. Focus on your breath and your body. 

The goal is to write without editing how you feel at that moment. The human attention span is so fickle, and can easily be distracted. It is important you bring your attention to the moment before journaling your feelings.

Pick up your pen or your digital journal, then ask yourself:

 what it feels like to feel lonely. Does being lonely make you cry?

Does being lonely make you feel sad or guilty?  Does being lonely make you sick or does it cause you stomach ache or headache?

 Be gentle on yourself and take a moment to reflect on how you feel about being lonely.

When you take time to answer these questions surrounding your feelings of loneliness, you are in a better position to identify your symptoms. When you can  identify your symptoms you have written, you find solutions to help you feel better.

❗Finding these solutions yourself may not totally take away your loneliness especially when you cannot do this alone (as you need to seek professional help) but, before then it will help you feel better such that it does not take a toll on your mind and body.

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