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There are also some social groups you can reach out to online and connect with them physically. When you meet people physically, there are ways to engage in a conversation with them, and this takes practice. Deliberately engage in a conversation and notice when the person you are speaking to feels uncomfortable to talk.

Some things you can do are:

When you go to a restaurant, ask someone a casual question by saying: “How is the food?”

or “How is the drink”, “Is this your first visit to this place?”. Ask the receptionist or cashier how are they are doing and smile at them.

Ask open-ended questions that do not require a “Yes” or “No” response. For example: You may ask: “How is the drink?”. Compliment someone. You may say: “Your shoe is lovely” “I love your hair.

 “What cream do you apply on it?” Keep the conversation going with small talk and avoid asking sensitive questions. Ask general questions everyone can ask even without knowing them personally. When you engage in a conversation, smile and nod occasionally to show you are present.

You can also open a group on social media on a subject that interest

you and you can plan a meeting with like-minded-people to connect with. Attempt to reach out to loved ones too. Create a WhatsApp group and connect with old classmates.

Plan a get together time!

NOTE: Please, when meeting up with people or groups you have communicated with online, ensure you meet up with them in a public and a safe space.

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