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Being alone often can make suicidal thoughts worse.

Reach out to friends, family, and people who care about you. Attempt to be social; even if you don’t feel like. Avoid doing things that make you feel sad, such as

visiting a loved one’s grave,

re-reading old mails

or letters that remind you of a sad past. All these can increase suicidal thoughts and negative feelings. 

Find a distraction; cuddle a pet, meet up with friends to play soccer or your favourite outdoor games, count 0-100, read positive quotes online to lift your spirit, sing aloud, say affirmations aloud or sing with it, and watch funny videos on social media, find new hobbies or develop new interests.

Try volunteer activities.

Volunteering helps people feel more socially connected and provides a sense of purpose, pride, accomplishment and fulfilment. Volunteer duties expose you to people with common interests and broaden your support network. 

Being helpful to others delivers immense pleasure and fulfilment.

You are doing well for others and the community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment and makes you have a positive view of your life. 

Recognise that suicide feelings are temporary and there is hope. Avoid using drugs that are not prescribed by the doctor (Taking these without the doctor’s prescription can be self-damaging). Keep a list of contact you trust close to you. Sometimes, your emotions can overpower and lead you to believe killing yourself is the only option. In a situation like this, don’t handle it on your own, reach out to trusted contact. Avoid sharp objects that might trigger your thoughts to hurt yourself. Get a pen and book and consider writing the things you are grateful for, no matter how small they may seem. Create a list of the reasons you have and stay strong to overcome the thoughts of suicide.

Sometimes, the thoughts of suicide may consume you completely and you begin to feel you have no control over yourself. You may feel hopeless and worthless. When these thoughts occur, it is possible to distract yourself for that moment. Some coping mechanism you might do are: Meditation, going for a long walk (if possible, around nature).

In a study conducted by David Suzuki, Science broadcasting and environmental activist, He found that individuals

who spent thirty minutes each day in nature exhibited increased personal well-being and happiness.

Listen to music, spend time with loved ones or a pet. Remember to get help; it can get better. With time and support, you can overcome suicidal thoughts and your pain will pass. Stay strong!💪💪

(Suicide prevention is everyone’s business)

United States-(1-800-237-8255)

International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP)-


Global suicide hotline resources- and-privacy/global-suicide-hotline-resources/?lang=en

Kindly add more links or contacts that will help in preventing suicide in the comment section below. Thank you!

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