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Two years back, the reverse was the case. I ignored my bliss at first. Getting a work after school was difficult for me not because I failed in school or I was in competent but there are certain connections one ought to have with conspicuous individuals in order to be connected to a work, not just any work but a great paying job but a few still get a job indeed without connection but the possibility is exceptionally slim. I am talking about my country. So, i was among the individuals who were not fortunate to get a job at that time. My mother introduced me to a family companion and informed him about my work status as being unemployed he said if he is informed about a good job opening he will notify me. Meanwhile, he is a clearing agent and he suggested i work with him pending on when i get a better job. I preferred the idea since I was bored staying at home when everybody goes to work I followed him each day to work except weekends. I was his executive assistant and I take instructions directly from him.

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